Nokia770 Skin

The Nokia770 Skin is based on the Touch skin, which has been part of the Slimserver distribution for quite some time. I rewrote and cleaned up a lot of the template files for Touch, specifically with the aim of creating a skin optimized for the 800x400 screen on the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. I will be maintaining and improving this skin, and I must say that I'm pretty geeked about it. The newest screenshots I've taken, directly from the 770, are here.

The Nokia770 skin is part of the 6.5 Slimserver Trunk now, so if you check out via subversion or grab a 6.5 nightly from here, it should have the latest Nokia770 skin code. Slimserverize Greasemonkey Script

Man is that a mouthful. So, as Tom Malsbury described in the slimdevices forums, the handy plugin works great via the remote but, by request of the site owner, has no slimserver browser access. In light of that, I wrote up a greasemonkey script that does the following when installed: any page loaded from will reformat all mp3 stream links to immediately stream to the squeezebox (via the 'radio tune-in' URL logic).
You will need to do several things before you get this working for you:

Playlist Creation Scripts

These scripts were written for the automatic creation of playlist(s) in standard .pls format. I created them for use on the Squeezebox, via the Slimserver. The scripts are written in Perl, the world's most wonderful monkey wrench language. I wrote thes on a Linux machine, but they should be platform-independent. This website's existence is implicit consent for the scripts to be downloaded, used, tweaked, reworked, and redistributed at will. I am always interested in hearing constructive thoughts on them.

When using the scripts, please use the --help flag to display information about how the script works.

This American Life Parser/Playlist creator

This script grabs the HTML that catalogs the archives of the excellent WBEZ Chicago show This American Life, found at, then creates a playlist of all the archived real-audio streams, sorted in one of three user-configurable methods.

download (click to view, right click and "save as..." to download)

And, for the impatient, here's the tar.gz file of the archive that I created myself (current as of 12.21.04). It is sorted by year first, then in reverse chronological order by show airing date. Show Parser/Playlist creator

This script creates playlists for a given public radio program cataloged on the wonderful website. It currently creates a directory with a set of one-stream playlist files in it. The streams are titled to have the Slimserver sort them by day and time-slot. By doing this you can use these playlists to scroll through the streams chronologically to find where the show is currently playing.

download (click to view, right click and "save as..." to download)

Some sample playlists, in tar.gz archive format:
Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
Car Talk
Only A Game

These playlists were created for the Central Time Zone and contain links to streaming mp3s as well as real audio (with AlienBBC formatted URLs).

bklaas 01.06