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Unistar 2013
August 2013 Trip to Ames
Stephan Cabin July 2013
North Shore MN July 4 2013
2013 Misecllaneousness

Updated in the last year:
June 2013
J. First Pitch
Carson Gymnastics Meet 2013
Misc May 2013
Carson Turns 9 Goes to Circus
Cat Madness
Carson Screen Experiments
Arizona Trip March 2013
Arizona Desert 2013
Greg Jumps in the Icy Icy Water
Is it Winter Is it Spring 2013
Piper Spring 2013 Music Concert
Piper Turns 7
Kitties Jan 2013
First Time Skiing
Jan 2013 Rocket Launch

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Sledding in Eau Claire Dec 2012
Winter 2012
Xmas 2012
First Snow 2012
Thanksgiving 2012
Halloween 2012
Piper and Ripley
Chicago Trip 2012
Fall 2012 Hijinks
First Day of School 2012
Misc Summer 2012
Mini Golf and Such
Crazy Hot July 4 2012
Block Party Madness
Wendy New Mexico 2012
Carson Gymnastics Meet 2012
Misc Spring 2012
School's Out. And Kittens.
Egg Huntin with the Chungaths
San Diego Spring 2012
Handstands and Such
Piper is Six
Piper's 6th Birthday Party
January 2012
Xmas 2011
Ben and Wendy Get Married
Winter is Coming
First Day of School and Halloween 2011
First Day of School 2011
Canucks in Iowa
Unistar 2011
Summer Summer Summer 2011
Iowa Trip May 2011
Carson's 7th Birthday Party
Summer 2011 Featuring OWLS
Arizona Spring Break 2011
Luminary Loppet 2011
Piper's Fifthxtravaganza
Lake Harriet Kite Festival 2011
December 2010
Snowpocalypse 2010
Dec 2010
Thanksgiving Fiesta 2010
Gymnastics 2010
Front Tooth Fairy
Halloween 2010
Trip to the Farm
Fall 2010
Apple Orchard 2010
State Fair 2010
Carson starts First Grade
Camp Du Nord Part One
Camp Du Nord Part Two
Peppa Pig
On the Lake with the Robinsons 2010
Piper Mania
Carson Mania
Summer Fun 2010
Neederbrock Visit
Kamping 2010
July Fourth 2010
Summer Swimming 2010
Strawberry Picking 2010
Carson Dance Recital Spring 2010
I Specifically Told Them Spinal Tap First Puppet Show Second
Spring Cleaning 1
Spring Cleaning 2
Carson Turns 6
Spring Cleaning 3
The Pedal Pub
Piper learns to Bicycle and Other Hits
Santa Barbara Spring Break 2010
Piper Turns 4
January 2010
Thanksgiving 2009
Last Warm Day 2009
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
The Two Dorothys
Applewood Orchard 2009
2009 Snakehat Austin Texas
Twins Game and Carson's First Day of Kindergarten
August 2009
Chungath Visit August 2009
Washburn to Vincent Move
Summer Duluth Trip 2009
July Fourth in Iowa 2009
Madison Trip June 2009
Madison Trip 2009
3929 Vincent
Carson's 5th Birthday Party
Carson Turns Five
Bubble Bath Madness
Piper's New Ride
March and April 2009
Girls in Eau Claire March 2009
Piper and Ellie turn 3
Piper @ 3
Jan 2009
Ice Capades
Xmas 2008
Cooped up in the house Dec 2008
The Harvest Room
December 2008
Thanksgiving in Iowa 2008
Carson's Broken Arm and Nov 2008 pics
Julian's 2nd Bday and other Fall Capers
Helen and Kurt Riverside Visit 08
Blanchette Wedding
September 2008
State Fair 2008
Glen Lake Michigan 2008
Of Popsicles and Oversized Clothing
More Boatloads of Summer 2008 Fun
Lake Peppin July 4 2008
Watermelon and Faux Hawks
Fun in the Sun
All Hail the May 2008 Hailstorm
Spring Planting 2008
May 2008 Guitar Night
Carson's 4th Birthday
May Day Parade 2008
Wear Ben's Glasses
Visiting the Van Houtens 2008
Early Spring 2008
Grandma Klaas Funeral
Hermie and other Adventures
Winter Fun February 2008
Ice Cream in February
Scotchtoberfest 2008
Baby Katrin Wenz
Christmas 2007
Sledding over Xmas 07
The Flying Klaas Sisters
TurkeyDay 2007
Misc Shots Nov 2007
Fall Festivus and Halloween 2007
Apple Orchard and Fall Festival
Visiting the Wadzinskes in Milwaukee
Piper's First Haircut
Fourth of July 2007 and more
New Bike
Kingdom Plantae
Carson and Piper June 2007
Piper Snooze June 2007
The Completed Patio
Eau Claire Trip Memorial Day 07
Carson 3rd Birthday
Santa Barbara May 2007
MoxieDare May 07
The Patio
MoxieDare Apr 07
The TV Mount
Easter Egg Madness 2007
Vail Part Deux
Feb Mar 2007 Pics
Piper and Ellie Share a 1st Bday
Winter Hijinks 2007
Piper Turns One
Marker Madness 2
Scotchtoberfest 2007
January 2007 Winter Fun
Marker Madness
New Year's 2007
Eau Claire Xmas 06
Free Putter
Carson and Piper Dec 2006
Autumn in Mpls '06
Halloween 2006
Iowa October 2006
P.Dare and The Mox Oct 2006
Autumn Fun 2006
Piper Stands and Much Much More
Labor Day 2006
Carson and Piper Sep 2006
Oregon Trip 2006
The Grrls 7/31/06
Popsicle Madness
Piper 07/31/06
New Fence and New Shed
Carson and Piper Action Photos June 06
Das Gelb Haus
Theo and Elechar Come to Visit
Piper at 4 Months Old
Carson and Piper May 06
Carson's 2nd Birthday Lunch
Piper and Carson May 06
The Grrls 5/9/06
Mostly Piper at 3 months
Carson and Piper April 2006
March '06 Eau Claire Trip
Piper and Carson March 2006
Piper's Quilt
Carson N Piper Mar 2006
Eating Oranges Taking Names
Mother Lode of Carson-Piper Pics
The Grrls 2/15/06
A Study in Tiny Digits - Piper Remix
The Grrls 2/7/06
Piper Comes Home
Introducing Piper Dare Klaas
Visiting Montoggue
Carson 11/30/05
Thanksgiving 2005
Tractor Ridin
Julian's 1st Bday
Carson 10/31/05
Carson 10/10/05
Carson Gets Wet in Various Ways
MN State Fair 2005
Carson 8/17/05
Klaas Kin Tour of Maine 2005
Jonesy/Kroehmer Wedding in Telluride
Devil in a Green Dress
Front Deck Planning
Rainbows Over Washburn
The Red-Hatted Carson
Carson 5/22/05
Carson 5/18/05
Carson Turns One
The Girl Walks
Stidwell Wedding
Mostly Peter
Carson April 12 '05
Spring is Here
Introducing Peter Gregory McKinley
Carson 3/31/04
Iowa Trip March 2005
West Palm Beach Trip
ECFE Madness
Owl/Sasquatch Photos
At The Window
MTV Cribs
Sleepy Time
Flashlight Fun
Crawling n' stuff
Carson 1/20/04
Food No Longer Icky
Carson Takes a Stand
New Years' Feast 2004
Halloween 2004
Food Is Icky
Julian Louis Wenz
Carson November 1
Carson October 19
Eau Claire Trip 10/04
Carson October 7
Bath Time
End of Summer BBQ
Carson Discovers Her Feet
Carson Sept 15
Santa Barbara August 2004 part deux
Santa Barbara August 04
Grand Lake with Teals/Van Houtens/Littrells
Hangin on the Orange Blanket
Carson Aug 9
Carson's First Twins Game
Fleece Modeling
Carson Goes to San Francisco
Got Milk
Carson July 19
Carson is 2 Months Old And We have a Million Pics to Prove It
July 4 2004 trip to Madison
Trip to Eau Claire
Carson July 1
Carson June 15
Carson June 11
Carson June 6
Carson June 5
Carson May 31
Carson May 28
Carson May 23
A Study in Tiny Digits
Carson May 20
Carson May 19
Introducing Carson Moxie Klaas
Introducing Carson Moxie Klaas
Timberwolves Oust Nuggets
Ultrasound Sasquatch Photos
Baby Shower for Wendy and Carson
Little Peter Visits Eau Claire
Chiefs Feb 10 Action Shots
Chiefs Action Shots Feb 1
Chiefs Action Shots Jan 25
Jan 2004 Trip to see the Lil' Shavers
Chiefs v. Rebels Jan 14
Kayak Storage
Charlestown Chiefs Jan 04 Game
Butterflies at Reiman Gardens
Dec 2003 Home Snow Pics
TDay Iowa 2003
Turkey Fryin' Memoirs
Channel Islands
New Zealand - Misc Panoramic Shots
New Zealand - Routeburn Track
New Zealand - Queenstown and Routeburn Track
New Zealand - Abel Tasman and Christchurch
New Zealand - North Island
New Zealand - Wellington and South Island
New Zealand - Abel Tasman
New Zealand - Abel Tasman
New Zealand - North Island
Auckland and Fiji
New Zealand - North Island
Niyo's Wedding
Ben and Wendy's West Coast Honeymoon
Pics of our place
Rattlesnake Canyon
Possum Shots
GeekTrip to Boston
Wine Tasting
4724 Washburn
Santa Barbara 2002
Jan 2001 Trip to San Francisco
Rob and Sarita's Visit to Santa Barbara
Ben's 30th Birthday Crawfish Boil
Yosemite National Park
The Halpern-Selkoe Wedding
Palm Springs Weekend
Miscellaneous Photos for Wedding Website
Biohazard 2001
November 2000 trip to Mammoth
Night of Rehersal Dinner
East Beach and Wedding Reception Site
Matt and Lori's Wedding
Urban Hike along Cabrillo - 11/25/00
Jack Anders Wenz
Saskia Helena Eberman
Vail 2007
Our Wedding
Our New House - 4724 Washburn
Tom Wadzinski's Bachelor Party
Haloween Pumpkins 2002
Singleton Pavilion/Godric Grove -- Possible Wedding Site
Franceschi Park
Mark and Gina's Wedding
London 2000
The Swamp
I Madonnari Street Painting Festival 2001
January 2002 trip to Chicago
Boundary Waters Ski Trip
Wendy's Madison Trip
PGA Championship
Sespe Backpacking Trip - Labor Day 2001
Chicago Trip Labor Day 2002
Creatures of Chicago
San Francisco June 2001
Occam Open House
Fun with the Macro Lens
Kate and Tom's Wedding Night
Biohazard Summer 2000
Fiesta Rodeo 2001
Kim and Ben's New Pad
Halloweeny 2008
Nicole's 30th Birthday
Erin's Baby Shower
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