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Scotchtoberfest 2007

About 10 years ago, Ben was talking to his friend Steve in their sunny home of Santa Barbara, California. He had a concept for a party in which each attendee brings a bottle of single malt scotch for tasting.

At the end of the evening, lots are drawn and the person who draws the lowest number gets their pick of the bottles, or what's left of them. The next number picks their bottle, and so on.

Fast-forward a decade...Steve now lives in Melbourne, Australia, and Ben has relocated to Minneapolis.

The idea lingers on though, and Ben shares it with neighbor Barb while pushing daughter Carson Moxie in her front yard swing. Ever the social catalyst, Barb not only pushes for the party to happen, but volunteers to host it. And thus, Scotchtoberfest 2007 was born. The concept was simple: Bring a bottle, drink from all, go home with a bottle, probably not your own. Call it Single Malt promiscuity if you will...I called it a good time.